January 27, 2008


What is Seattle without some seafood? Our favorite fish and chips, by FAR, are served at SPUDS on Alki Beach. There are a couple other Spuds in the area, but we have found that this one is the best. They serve halibut fish, but they are more expensive and really not as good as their good ole cod! Josh and I will get their "Special" to share which is 3 pieces of fish with fries, a drink, and a large tarter. Their pieces of fish are really generous, so sharing this and getting one of their yummy coleslaws fills us up quite nicely.

A bonus about the Spuds on Alki is that it is located directly across the street from Alki Beach. During the warmer months, we like to get their fish and take it across to the beach and have a picnic. Even in September, when the weather starts to chill, we would do this on my birthday, in the evening, and make a fire in one of the designated fire pits. Some of my favorite memories with my family are of this. Alki itself is a nice date spot. Besides Spuds, it also has some other small spots for eats. We are addicted to Spuds, so we haven't made it to any of these places, except Pepperdocks. After our fish, we wander over there for a nice waffle cone filled with ice cream.

If you have already eaten, try watching the sunset from Alki. Pack up a blanket and some cards and just go there to relax with your honey! Josh and I brought our laptop there once and watched a movie on the beach like we were at a drive in. We just laid on the blanket with our backs up to a large log and snuggled... very nice!

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Shauna said...

In the winter, Bro and I like to get hot cocoa at Tully's (way better than Starbuck's BTW) and walk along the beach, dressed very warmly of course! Also, Christos (Greek cuisine) has yummy gooey calzones, that are big enough to split.