January 11, 2008

Cheap Hot Spots

You all are probably well aware of the fried and greasy goodness Seattle has to offer... but here are a few jems that everyone should try for date night. This is my top 5 fast but quaint food for dates under $10:

$ - Great hamburgers, fries and shakes! It's not the customizing kind of place. So be prepared to get the options exactly how they are on the menu! Drive-in style, eat out side standing (no tables) or eat it in your car.

Kid Valley
$ - Another great place for hamburgers!

$ - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ivar's. I always get the Halibut & Chips or the Baby Prawns & Chips. Christian gets the chowder (either salmon or clam) in a bread bowl.

$ - If you don't know about Ezell's you need to! Delicious chicken strips. We recommend going often and getting the spicy chicken strips. I also get the cole slaw or potatoes and gravy. As for Christian, he RAVES about the biscuits.

3 Pigs Barbeque
$ - This little spot is hidden in a strip mall across from Overlake Hospital in Bellevue and right by Whole Foods on 116th in between 12th and 8th Avenues. More like a little sports bar. Great BBQ sandwiches. Lots of sides to choose from. The corn on the cob, potatoes and baked beans have been great.

There you have it. Hot dates and great food for under $10.

**This is date tested & approved.


Shauna said...

I second Ivars! Bro and I like to go to the one on the Montlake cut and eat at the little park East of the restaurant. And you can't say you've lived in Seattle if you haven't had a Dick's fries and shake while listening to Sir Mix a lot's "Posse on Broadway" -
They said go back the other way we'll stop and eat at Dick's
Dick's is the place were the cool hang out
The swass like to play and the rich flaunt clout!

two forks said...

that sir mix a lot knows his junk! he also says "Picked up the posse on 23rd and Jackson" in that song and that would be right where ezell's is! i bet the posse picked up some chicken too!

Shauna said...

We tried out 3 pigs tonight. For $13.40 we got baby back ribs, baked beans, cornbread and corn between the both of us. It was good except the corn which was a tad waterlogged. Thanks for the tip!

Kailey said...

I LOVE DICKS!! It is DEFINITELY my favorite burger place on the planet, but then... it was like - the first burger place I probably ever ate... at being born in Seattle. I adore their chocolate shakes too. Some people whine about their greasy fries, but I love 'em dipped in their tarter sauce (only 5 cents per mini-tub). Hmmm, I think I'll go there this week!

My OB is at Overlake, so I will definitely be trying this BBQ joint. Sounds yum!!

As for fish and chips, my favorite of ALL time is SPUDS on Alki. There is one on Greenlake too, but not as good. Have you ever been to Spuds?

Oh, and Dicks IS the place where the cool hang out... when their not getting their Buttermilk Biscuts!