January 13, 2008

Message in a Bottle... a very romantic gesture!

My husband surprised me with this one one day! I thought is was very sweet and thoughtful. Back in the "old days" we used to write each other "love notes" A LOT. But 7 years of school and two kids later, we call saying I love you before we hit the sheets a romantic gesture. So I was completely surprised one night when I was getting ready for bed (while my husband, who works until 11pm was at work) and I found this bottle sitting on our bed. My sweet husband had taken one of my decorative bottles, written a beautiful note and slipped it in the bottle, then tied a bow around the mouth of it and left it for me to find. He placed one of my old dried roses next to it. I still keep the bottle and the message in our room. It sits on the head board of our bed and is a reminder of the thoughtfulness of my sweet guy!

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