January 13, 2008

Flowers on a budget...

I always have fun daydreaming of ways I could surprise my husband... or maybe more visa versa. And I always give my husband a hard time because he rarely gives me flowers. One thing's for sure, he has never had flowers delivered to me. But I can understand that, it can be such an expense to have flowers delivered. Why not talk a willing, and hopefully good humored, friend or relative into doing it for you. The fun would be in the surprise and the knowledge of the thought and preparation that would go into it. There are many places that bouquets of flowers can be purchased at a very reasonable price. My favorite place for flowers is Pike Place Market where I always find amazing bouquets of seasonal flowers for $5 - $15. But even Safeway can have some very pretty, inexpensive bouquets. You can sometimes get 14 roses there for $14.99. If you already have a vase at home, use it and save the money on buying one. Have the flowers put together and then send your friend off to deliver to your wife, or husband, while you are apart. If your friend is feeling REALLY generous in spirit, have them sing a song, or read a poem that you send to go with the flowers. Then someday, pay your friend back by doing the same for them! In the end, your friend can tell you how your loved one reacted better than some anonymous delivery person. And your spouse will be surprised and grateful for the thought you put into it, and the desire you had to do something special for them!!

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