January 12, 2008

A Convenient "Pacific Place" for a Movie and Dinner

My husband and I love to go to the movies at Pacific Place. You do have to pay to park, but it is only $5 for all evening and pretty reasonable at other times. The theatre is situated on the top floor and is surrounded by a number of different restaurants. So we save gas money and time because we don't have to drive back and forth (nice when you are on the clock with a babysitter, or just don't have a lot of time)!

There are a number of different restaurants in the mall, but we like to go to Gordon Biersch for dinner. When we really want to splurge, it is a fun place to eat. But if we are strapped, there are ways to work around their menu and get a yummy dinner for a very reasonable price and still feel like we have treated ourselves. One example: their crab and artichoke bread bowl!!! My husband and I will share one of those bad boys for $10 and then get a wedge salad or some of their sides that are around $5 or less. We can usually get out of there for under $30 including the tip. To save even more, eat a bit before you go and then just get a bread bowl or some fun appetizers!

Another bonus is that the AMC theatre allows you to bring milkshakes in from the Jonny Rockets right next to it! If we get dinner somewhere there or eat at home, it is always fun to get a milkshake to go from Jonny's and take it in to sip on while we watch the flick!

Pacific Place is an UPSCALE mall in the heart of downtown Seattle. So depending on what time of day you go, there is always some fun window shopping available. Located on the bottom floor is a Barnes and Noble. My husband and I enjoy perusing the music and books after our late night movies, if we have time; they stay open later than the rest of the stores.

We find this to be a fun and very convenient "Place" for a date!! Here is their website if you want to check it out!!


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Shauna said...

Bro and I have gone on this date before, its easy, doesn't take much planning other than movie times. We didn't like the berry/cream dessert thing we got at Gordon Biersch, but I bet the burgers are pretty good. I didn't know you could take Jonny shakes into the theatre!