January 22, 2008

The 5 Spot: One of Seattle's BEST restaurants!

No need to dress up for this place! The 5 Spot is my favorite restaurant in Seattle, located on Queen Anne. The menu there changes themes quarterly and so do the decorations inside. From the South to New England, the theme is always American, and always yummy. It's always fun to see what they have "cooked up" for their menu. For those who have a hard time with change though, they do have some staples on there menu that are always there. This is where I usually find myself in trouble. I LOVE their "brisket" marinated in Coca Cola and Knor sauce, served with mashed potatoes and the BEST shoe string onion rings you've ever tasted (and I am not an onion ring fan)! Pair that up with their botanical salad with their raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and I will salivate just thinking about it. Their house made dressings are so good, I often order a to go bowl of them to take home for my own salads. This place is a definite Seattle treasure. To check out their menu, or find out about the 5 Spot's sister restaurants visit: http://www.chowfoods.com/five/menu.aspx
1502 Queen Anne Ave N •
Seattle, Washington 98109 •
(206) 285-7768

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