April 30, 2008

Greek for the whole family

So this is my first Married and Still Dating posting which I know is long over-due but I do have a good recommendation. Scott and I try and go out every week but for several reasons we always have Eve with us. Therefore our criteria of a good place to eat is a little different. Good food is an obvious. I'm a vegetarian so that limits our choices even more. We tend to like privately owned places where the ambiance is unique and the help is nice and child-friendly. And if it's relatively close by that's a definite plus as well.

We've found several places that we like but one of our favorites is a Greek cafe (Montlake area) called Vios. Mediterranean food is my absolute favorite so I'm partial from the get-go. I would definitely recommend Vios for diner rather than lunch as the dinner menu is more varied. It is a little pricey for the amount of food that you get so don't go there if you're ravenous. But the quality of the food and especially of the experience is wonderful. Much better than the more popular Greek restaurant Costas Opa in Ballard. The best dinner (family-style) we've had there was:

Trio Sampler w/pita (hummus, babaganoush and tzatziki) - $10.25
Roasted Eggplant Salad - $9.00
and the Cheese Plate - $9.25

But the best thing about Vios isn't the food, the ambiance (old wood tables and Greek flags) or the waitress that looks and acts like the aunt on My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's the play area. One corner of the restaurant is walled off and is filled with toys and books. There is even a bar along the wall so you can eat while you watch your kids play. It is so nice, especially compared to our usual restaurant circus, I mean experience.

Play Area/Parent's Salvation

Greek Orthodox Church right by Vios;
a nice authentic touch

April 28, 2008

Take-Out, Anyone?

Today is our anniversary and we thought it would be fun to order take-out and watch a movie after the kids are in bed. However, when I started brainstorming restaurants, I realized that I don't know of that many! Do you have any recommendations for fabulous take-out? Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, or anything other cuisine? Do they deliver? This is making me hungry!!!

April 21, 2008

Olympic Peninsula

Okay, so this is more of a plea for help then a date suggestion. We are going to the Olympic Peninsula with my parents at the end of May. However, I have never been and I don't know where to stay. (We will be there for two nights.) Does anyone have any suggestions on good places to stay and/or must sees while we are over there?


April 13, 2008

A Romantic boat ride

A picnic lunch and pair of sunglasses are all you need for this active and romantic date. Rent a canoe or rowboat at the University of Washington Water Activities Center and row around Washington Park to little islands with trails and perfect picnic/makeout spots. Also, bring a camera for the beautiful wildlife and cute pictures for blogging!
UW Students $4.00/hour
UW Faculty/Staff $5.50/hour
UW Alumni $7.00/hour
General Public $7.50/hour
They only accept check or cash.