March 28, 2008

Is your lady a chocolate lover?

I have always been disgusted with men who think that a box of chocolates and a little stuffed animal is a permissible gesture of love. To me it screams- "I put off something I've known has been coming for months and so fortunately the drugstore opened in time this morning for you to think I put a lot of thought into my gift." We, women are not deceived! Has anyone had those chocolates before? The assorted ones in the yellow or red box with a rose imprinted on the front- that taste so waxy that for all you know they could have been sitting on the shelf since Valentine's day 1983.

Well, yesterday while I was window shopping at U-Village (the only thing I can afford to do there) and happened to wonder into Fran's Chocolates. The chocolate aroma overwhelmed my senses and I entered a highly euphoric wonderland! I ordered the dark hot cocoa (the best I've EVER had) and the hazelnut crunch chocolate truffle plus they threw in a complementary bittersweet truffle with a flick of gold paint the top. I now understand why chocolate considered an aphrodisiac, and I happy to say that if my husband ever got me Fran's chocolates for Valentine's, Anniversary or Mother's day it would exceed all of my expectations!!! or even if he just got me one for the heck of it, he would be well rewarded. :) So find a specialty Chocolate store near you.

March 27, 2008

Love notes

Need another creative idea for leaving a love note for your honey? Write it on the sidewalk. If my kids can do it for my husband, why can't I? Just don't get too mushy, or you may make your honey AND your neighbors blush!

March 24, 2008

Qazis Indian Curry House

Well it isn't Cedars (we haven't been there yet) but we did find this cute little spot in Fremont. The food was great!

473 N 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: (206) 632-3575
Price: $
Cross Street:Dayton Avenue
Hours: Daily 11am-10pm

March 17, 2008

The best of India in Seattle

I dare you to find a better Indian restaurant than Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn in the U-district (seriously, let me know). I grew up with good old fashioned mormon casseroles and butter and salt added to each item on the menu. My Dad tried his best to get us kids to branch out and try things like Tom-kah (sp?) soup and curry but we shot him down every time, too scared to try something "spicey." These days, I'm trying to do my Dad proud, after all his efforts and I now try new food and mostly I like it, but I especially LOVE Indian food. Nothing better than warm naan and Chicken Tikka Masala. Pretty sure this place has won awards but if not, I give them my own, Shauna LOVES you Award. Check out their menu here.

March 16, 2008

Chile Pepper

In my time in Seattle, I have not been very impressed with the Mexican restaurants in Seattle..... until now. Chile Pepper is located on 45th just before Stone (in Wallingford). You can't miss it, just look for the bright orange house as seen in the picture. I loved their food. I had the tostadas and they were delicious. We took our whole family and our girls loved it also. (Caitlin raved about the delicious food all evening.) There was probably about a dozen tables in the whole restaurant and we were served by what appeared to be the owner and his wife. For any Mexican food lovers, this is a must try restaurant. Oh, I can't forget, the prices were also very reasonable. Most dishes were under $10.

March 12, 2008

Monorail oh monorail!

For some reason the monorail is fascinating to me. The monorail leaves every 10 minutes for a few dollars from the Seattle Center (attached to the Center House) and goes to West lake center. Have dinner at P.F. Chang's (located in the shopping center) for the delectable Chicken Lettuce wraps ( Quickly cooked spiced chicken served with cool lettuce cups) and Fried Banana spring rolls (Six warm, crispy bites with coconut pineapple ice cream and drizzled with caramel and vanilla sauces. Delicious!). Then ride the elevator up to the Sweet Factory to get some refreshment for the monorail returning you to the Seattle Center house (which has Salt Water Taffy and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate)

March 11, 2008

Is there a Tiger living in your house?

If your husband loves to spend hours at the local range but its just not your thing may I suggest a compromise that also counts as a date?
The University of Washington has a driving range thats open to the public. And its cheap! Plus if you've never golfed before he can unleash his tiger skills and teach you a few things. (as long as this sort of thing doesn't usually lead to an argument). :)

Click here for details!

March 4, 2008

Arts discounts

Are you a student or under 25? Click here for great deals in the art community (ex: Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Repertory Theatre)

Click here for discounts to the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Newly discovered cupcake deliciousness!

Go out for dessert only . . . . anywhere!!!! For me, cupcakes is a must! Here's one of my new finds:

Sugar Rush Baking Company

• • • About Us • • •

Located in
Coffee to a Tea
in the West Seattle Junction
4541 California Ave SW
206 937-1495

Monday-Saturday 8a-10p, Sunday 8a-6p

This place has amazing cakes, pies AAAAAAAND cupcakes!!! Better than cupcake royale, they taste homemade. The cafe has more seating than most cafes and on some nights they have a local singer. Plus they are open til 10:00 so this makes for a good late night date after the kids are in bed (granted you have a babysitter, otherwise its illegal apparently :)

March 2, 2008

Floating Around Seattle

Can't afford that cruise to Alaska just yet, or don't have the time? Are the Argosy Cruises a little too expensive also (though if you have the money, this is another great date idea I'll talk about another time)? I have the perfect solution! Try a ride on a Washington State Ferry. I have been riding the ferries since I was little when my dad lived on Whidbey Island, to now, when I go just for the fun of it. I have always looked forward to the trips. One of my favorites is the local ride from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. We park our car by the piers and walk on. I like to go just before it gets dark. That way, we get the best of both worlds... leaving and getting to see the beautiful city in the light, and retuning to the beauty of the city lights at night. When there is a chill in the air, you can bring on a hot chocolate or buy one on board. Make a night of it and get dinner somewhere on the pier; there are a lot of great places. There are also some fun places within walking distance of the docks on Bainbridge Island. Not far from the dock is a park that you can walk to and have a picnic. It really is an inexpensive adventure and a great way to get some fresh air! I always enjoy myself and feel refreshed after a ride on a ferry!!!! Just make sure you have a jacket and a rubber band for your hair, the rides are always windy, and even on a nice day it can feel chilly out on the water!

For schedules and prices, go to the state web site at: