March 4, 2008

Newly discovered cupcake deliciousness!

Go out for dessert only . . . . anywhere!!!! For me, cupcakes is a must! Here's one of my new finds:

Sugar Rush Baking Company

• • • About Us • • •

Located in
Coffee to a Tea
in the West Seattle Junction
4541 California Ave SW
206 937-1495

Monday-Saturday 8a-10p, Sunday 8a-6p

This place has amazing cakes, pies AAAAAAAND cupcakes!!! Better than cupcake royale, they taste homemade. The cafe has more seating than most cafes and on some nights they have a local singer. Plus they are open til 10:00 so this makes for a good late night date after the kids are in bed (granted you have a babysitter, otherwise its illegal apparently :)

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Shauna said...

Also a short drive for a walk on Alki Beach.