March 16, 2008

Chile Pepper

In my time in Seattle, I have not been very impressed with the Mexican restaurants in Seattle..... until now. Chile Pepper is located on 45th just before Stone (in Wallingford). You can't miss it, just look for the bright orange house as seen in the picture. I loved their food. I had the tostadas and they were delicious. We took our whole family and our girls loved it also. (Caitlin raved about the delicious food all evening.) There was probably about a dozen tables in the whole restaurant and we were served by what appeared to be the owner and his wife. For any Mexican food lovers, this is a must try restaurant. Oh, I can't forget, the prices were also very reasonable. Most dishes were under $10.


two forks said...

man, every time we drive by there i want to go eat there... but it is usually like 10pm.

jules said...

I've seen that place (duh) a thousand times. I'm excited to try it!