March 28, 2008

Is your lady a chocolate lover?

I have always been disgusted with men who think that a box of chocolates and a little stuffed animal is a permissible gesture of love. To me it screams- "I put off something I've known has been coming for months and so fortunately the drugstore opened in time this morning for you to think I put a lot of thought into my gift." We, women are not deceived! Has anyone had those chocolates before? The assorted ones in the yellow or red box with a rose imprinted on the front- that taste so waxy that for all you know they could have been sitting on the shelf since Valentine's day 1983.

Well, yesterday while I was window shopping at U-Village (the only thing I can afford to do there) and happened to wonder into Fran's Chocolates. The chocolate aroma overwhelmed my senses and I entered a highly euphoric wonderland! I ordered the dark hot cocoa (the best I've EVER had) and the hazelnut crunch chocolate truffle plus they threw in a complementary bittersweet truffle with a flick of gold paint the top. I now understand why chocolate considered an aphrodisiac, and I happy to say that if my husband ever got me Fran's chocolates for Valentine's, Anniversary or Mother's day it would exceed all of my expectations!!! or even if he just got me one for the heck of it, he would be well rewarded. :) So find a specialty Chocolate store near you.


Shelbi said...
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Bri and Ben said...

I could have told you that frans is freaking awesome! My Ben has got me some a couple times. :)