January 27, 2008

1001 ways to be Romantic by Gregory J.P. Godek

In my recent travels to exotic Ogden,Utah, I picked up this #1 national bestseller at Costco ($9.99 in UT). I've barely begun flipping through the pages and already this book is truly genius! I dare you to flip to a page and not find a good date or love idea! I will be posting some of the sentiments from this book but I recommend you all go and attain a copy of your own!


Kailey said...

Curious... how much?? I want one. Now I am bummed that I didn't check out the books when I was at Costco on Friday!! Maybe I'll get it for my husband for Valentine's Day... you know, as a nice little hint for him. ;-)

jules said...

I saw this at B&Noble - it looked very cool.