January 31, 2008

Set the night to music!

One of David and I's favorite things is to listen to music. Our poor computer's hard drive gets pushed to the max sometimes with the amount of music we store there. We listen to all different genres, from classical to rap occasionally. I always think to myself ooh I would love to share that song with David, but at the risk of him thinking I am more of a dork then he already does I keep the song to myself. Well no longer, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching; we normally spend it at home, make a fancy dinner after the kids are in bed and have some fattening sinfully delicious dessert. Well this year I am going to kick it up a notch and add a CD of all the different songs that remind me of why I married the wonderful guy that I did and that will be my gift to him this year. Not terribly expensive, a tad time consuming but worth it I think

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Bethany said...

I'd like to participate! Kailey told me about it...