February 27, 2008

The Best Valentine's Day Ever!!

I wanted so badly to tell my husband my heart's desire for Valentine's Day. But what I wanted even more was for him to come up with something thoughtful on his own...even if it was free! I wanted to know that he thought of something that I would especially like. So Valentine's Day came and went and he kept telling me, "I have something planned for next Saturday - a surprise that will be really fun!" In my head I'm thinking, fun for me or fun for you? He threw some deceptive clues my way in order to throw me off track (which totally worked). Saturday came and he finally revealed that a massage therapist would be coming over to give me a one hour massage. He would take our daughter and be gone during the time. What a shocker! Because this was my heart's desire! A massage to ease the discomforts of my pregnancy. I had dropped a lot of hints about this previous to Valentine's Day and I thought they had fallen on deaf ears. I was so pleased and felt so loved that my husband heard me and planned this special day for me.

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