February 7, 2008

Fun Messages

When Matt and I were newlyweds, we would leave messages for each other. My favorite was when I came home from work and the entire living/dining room area was covered in balloons! Matt left instructions to pop them to reveal a message. He had taped "I LOVE YOU PUNKIN" to the floor. Though "Punkin" was a nickname that is no longer with us, it was so cute and it was such a nice suprise to come home to!

I think other "high school" type things like this would be really fun now--like covering the bedroom floor or any area of the house in hershey kisses and leaving a note saying that you kiss the ground your spouse walks on.

You can also write messages with an expo pen on the mirror and it will come off just fine.

1 comment:

Kailey said...

I love, love, love this balloon idea! I would do it for Josh, except he is sitting right next to me reading about it... but maybe someday when we are old and he has forgotten everything!