February 10, 2008

Tempero do Brasil

This one is for all of you Brazil fans out there. I have been meaning to try out this restaurant for almost a year now. We finally did last Friday night. A comida estava excelente e deu saudades do Brasil. I loved it! They serve Bahian food. Although I was never in Bahia, what Ben and I got was typical Brasilian food. We had an order of Feijoada (served with white rice and collared greens) with Aipim Frito (fried manioc) and Faraofa (hard to explain but excellent with beans). Ahhhh, I was in heaven. The atmosphere, serving style and everything was very laid back--typical Brazilian style. I definitely recommend this restaurant to any of you missing Brazil or any of you who would like a taste of Brazil.

Tempero do Brasil

5628 University Way NE

, WA 98105

niversity Way just before Ravenna Blvd.
Hours: Tue-Sun, 5-10 pm
Telephone: 206-523-6229


two forks said...

ole ole ole! brasil! brasil!

Bri and Ben said...

We have been there its good!