February 12, 2008

Study Date?

Josh and I had a fun, quick little date at Barnes and Noble after running errands the other night. We went into the store and loaded our arms with fun easy read books like interesting facts and jokes. Then we walked up to the espresso bar on the mezzanine (people take books up there with them all the time), found a table, unloaded the books, and headed over to the counter to pick out some YUMMIES. In their selection of treats, they have cookies, muffins, CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHEESECAKE, and all sorts of desirables. I went straight for the Godiva Chocolate cheesecake (which, was half the price it would have been at The Cheesecake Factory, just over $4), Josh opted for a gooey chocolate cupcake. Then we took our deserts back to our table with the books and sat and read while we ate. We went through all sorts of books and read things to each other that we found funny. Josh enjoyed "The Darwin Awards" while I was telling him blonde jokes from a joke book. In the end, we bought "1001 Ways To Be Romantic"... which I just noticed is missing from the shelf, so Josh must have it at work with him, trying to find some ideas :-)! Shopping while you eat and date... how multi-taskerish is that?

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Mindy Hales said...

I love to read and I love to eat, so this sounds like the perfect date! Thanks for the idea.