February 17, 2008

"You don't have to be rich . . ."

"you shop, kids play
Drop the kids off at the IKEA supervised play area and ballroom, and shop in peace. This way, everyone's happy."
IKEA also has a restaurant . . . dinner date anyone?

Does anyone have reviews on this date?


Bri and Ben said...

We do this all the time... except we havent left Ginny in the playroom yet...

Kailey said...

Definitely an easier way to shop, but you can't leave your children until they are potty trained. The "restaurant" is alright, but it's more like a nicer hospital cafeteria. Nice though when you want a quick bite that isn't just a hot dog! We have done this before, but only when we needed to go to IKEA for something. I never thought of just doing it to get a break. Maybe I should do it some night while Josh is at work and the boys are making me nutty. I do love the junk they have there!!!

jules said...

Here is a shout out to the chicken salad crossaints...I think it's TOTALLY a break. I have fun going with Rob & also going with my friends who appreciate IKEA and who aren't in a hurry. You can now leave your kids for 90 minutes instead of 60. They have to be age 3 and potty trained. Bless IKEA.