July 29, 2008

Unleashing your inner temptress

Ever want to unleash your inner temptress? Urban Striptease Aerobics takes some of the basic moves of a striptease and combines them with aerobic elements to create a fun, energizing and sexy workout. The classes are women only and nobody takes off their clothes. ;) It's just a fun way to get some exercise and who knows? It could even spice up your love life. Needless to say, I don't think your husband will complain.

Several gyms offer these classes in the Seattle area as well as Federal Way, Kirkland, and Edmonds (check into paying for individual classes instead of buying a membership). And if you are out of state- TX, NM, MA, IL, NC, VA, OH, FL, ID, and Vancouver, BC also have classes. Click on this site for more info and specific locations. I took one of these classes near the college I attended and LOVED it!!

If taking a class is COMPLETELY out of your comfort zone, consider buying a DVD you can get a sexy workout in your own living room. Pretty sure you can find DVDs on amazon or ebay. I hear Carmen Electra also has a striptease workout DVD.

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Wischmeiers said...

Thanks Shauna, I am in desperate search of where my mojo has gone... thanks for the out of state options!! : )