July 1, 2008

oh canada!

dear ladies,

yes this week is the 4th of july, also known as independence day, but we decided we'd sneak away to victoria. (go figure we'd celebrate the 4th in a foreign country but it's not my first time! in 2006 i celebrated peruvian style).

anyways... we are thinking of doing the victoria clipper and going to the gardens etc. we aren't planning on having a car there... has anyone been? or does anyone have any pointers, suggestions, etc?

thank you,

seeking to celebrate the 4th in the north


Roni said...

You will love it. We took the Victoria Clipper a few years ago and also had no car. It was no problem. We took a tour bus to go see Butchart Gardens and did everything else by foot. I have also heard that it is fun to rent bikes there, but did not do that ourselves as I was 8 months pregnant at the time and in the middle of winter. Have fun!

Shauna said...

Gardens are a must and the museum is pretty cool too. DO NOT go to the aquarium, it stinks poo poo.

cat said...

go to the wax museum, super fun. i think that the best part is just walking on the waterfront - they usually have performing artists, and other interesting stuff. have fun!