November 12, 2008

Keeping the honeymoon alive

i originally posted this on my blog and shauna asked me to post it here as well:

we have several old men couriers who come by work once a week or so from the hospital. they are always cheery with a twinkle in their eye and they have grandpa-y type things to say like, "show me that smile!"

today the courier handed me the envelope and i told him to stay dry... expecting him to quickly be on his way. but he was still standing there.

how long have you been married? he asked.

two years next month, i said.

we're going on 54, he said. may i give you a bit of advice? make sure you do the little things that make him know you still love him. he told me about how he serves his wife by feeding her latte habit. on the days he is a courier he calls her from his last stop and asks her if she'd like a latte. her response, "i've been waiting for you to call all day!" he said he cleans up and does chores for her. when i asked how she shows love to him he said by forgiving him when he forgets birthdays. she also knocks him on the nose to demand smooches.

it was a brief conversation. it lasted but a few minutes and for whatever reason he shared part of himself with me. it does come back to the little things - like surprise chapsticks because i seem to lose mine. critters in the mail. a weekend getaway to a town posing as bavaria. making me fantastic naked pasta when i don't want to think about cooking.

i should probably start smacking him on the nose to redeem my smooches!

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